Public Company Coverage

Our strength, which becomes your advantage, is in our thorough and accurate coverage of more than 56,000 global public companies.

A misperception exists about the amount of risk public companies carry in a portfolio when they are outnumbered by private companies. This typical portfolio ratio of private and public companies leads professionals to believe the majority of their company’s dollars at risk is concentrated in private companies.

We have learned differently. Public companies may be fewer in number, but our subscribers’ trade portfolios show us there’s an average 53% of dollars at risk held in public companies. And exposure to public company risk is sometimes overlooked in a parent/subsidiary relationship, which fuels the misperception.

CreditRiskMonitor was founded for professionals who understand the impact that just one failing public company could have on their bottom line. For nearly 20 years, CreditRiskMonitor has grown its extensive database to offer vast amounts of information and analysis on public companies - current and historical. Most recently, we launched new solutions to help ease private company financial risk analysis. However, our strength - which becomes your advantage - is in our thorough and accurate coverage of more than 56,000 global public companies, totaling approximately $63.8 trillion in corporate revenue.

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