Scoring Methods

Make the right decisions using the best score available, and look good making them.

Powered by crowdsourcing and deep neural network technology, CreditRiskMonitor uses two proprietary scores – FRISK® and PAYCE® – to more accurately predict financial risk at public and private companies, respectively. CreditRiskMonitor also provides bond agency ratings from Fitch, Moody’s and DBRS in it's risk analysis, which are effective indicators of company default.

Public and private company financial risk analysis each requires different methods of analysis. So there can be no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Some commercial credit services use trade payment data to predict both public and private company risk. This may work well for private companies, but it’s misleading when analyzing large public company risk. 


To begin, payment patterns don’t reveal underlying financial stress for large public companies. With access to capital markets, public companies typically pay consistently – right until they file bankruptcy – which can lead to overlooked risk. And when they pay late to bolster their working capital, you may be led to think there are problems when there aren’t. Simply put, payment patterns alone do not reveal a large public company’s underlying financial health.

With CreditRiskMonitor, you get the most accurate measure delivered to you – a FRISK®, a PAYCE® or a bond agency rating for each of your company evaluations – based on the best information available for analysis in our extensive database. 


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PAYCE® Score Overview

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