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Avoid supply chain disruption and control vendor risk exposure.

Chief Procurement Officers, Directors of Supply, Supply Chain Analysts, Procurement Leaders, Purchasing and Procurement professionals – if you work in the procurement field, you are mindful that the failure of just one financially stressed critical vendor can compromise your supply chain, your revenue and your reputation.

It all starts with the unique solutions that only CreditRiskMonitor can provide. Uncover supplier risk with our proprietary FRISK® and PAYCE® scores, highly accurate in predicting the severe financial stress leading to bankruptcy in public and private companies. We've spent years backtesting and fine-tuning our products so that when the time comes for procurement professionals to make difficult decisions, we've perfected the analytical work to make those decisions easier on you.

Since 1999, CreditRiskMonitor has made it easier for our clients to stay on top of financial risk.

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The FRISK® Score: Building Procurement Knowledge on How to Assess Bankruptcy Risk

Bankruptcy risk is a specific area procurement professionals should focus upon when evaluating publicly held suppliers’ financial performance – especially given the effect of competitive pressures on corporate margins and daily news stories about growing levels of global debt. 

Procurement professionals around the world depend on us to:

Ease their process in the collection, data entry and standardization of your private supplier’s financial statements and obtain a comprehensive financial report

Vet new vendors and suppliers for financial viability using our peer analysis

Stay alert to changes in supplier financial health over time with automatic, timely email alerts on financial stress, material news and score changes, along with agency rating updates from Moody’s, Fitch and DBRS

Get started by sending us your portfolio.

CreditRiskMonitor allows you to create portfolios of unlimited size. The portfolio serves as the foundation on which to build a process. This is critically important to successfully understand where your attention is most needed at any one time. Once established, CreditRiskMonitor will proactively monitor those companies and actively “push” information to

you to ensure you are never surprised by a troubled company, default or bankruptcy. We will keep you abreast of our proprietary financial risk scoring, financially relevant news, public filings, changes in agency ratings and payment history.