Trade Contributor Program

Join our free program and identify the risk in your account receivables.

You may be surprised to learn there are credit professionals, just like you, who are benefitting from being a part of CreditRiskMonitor’s Trade Contributor Program. You may be equally surprised there is no cost or obligation to being a contributor. By contributing trade, professionals are able to enhance their credit oversight by identifying the companies that pose high risk to their DSO and other performance measurements. 

Being a trade program contributor helps other credit professionals, too. By anonymously sharing your trade, everyone benefits and helps each other to avoid risk.

Receive the following benefits when you join our program:

  • Get action reports that identify risk in your public and private customers and shows you comparable data on how other trade contributors are being paid
  • See a stratified view of your receivable dollars by probability of risk
  • Identify relationships to learn which subsidiaries in your portfolio are financially impacted by a public parent corporation
  • Receive alerts about private company bankruptcies


Get our new private company score at no cost.

There has never been a better time to be a trade contributor with CreditRiskMonitor. That is because we are introducing our private company PAYCE® score as part of our trade analysis and reports for all contributors.

Consider: everyone in the program benefits from the rich insights provided in each other’s trade data. With a required minimum of providers and lines of credit, we are able to formulate a PAYCE® score – so the more trade we get, the pool of private companies we cover grows ever larger.

Spread the word! With the PAYCE® score, *you* have a direct hand in the companies we cover, and so trade contributors receive the most comprehensive and relevant information possible with our service.

PAYCE™ score
Selected report views:

Receivables Snapshot

Stratifies your monthly accounts receivable by risk to quickly identify your biggest dollar risks using our FRISK® score (public companies), PAYCE® score (private companies), DBT Index and, when purchased, Experian®’s FSR Score.

Customer Snapshot

Stratifies your customers by risk to quickly identify your biggest dollar risks using our FRISK® score (public companies), PAYCE® score (private companies), DBT Index and, when purchased, Experian®’s FSR Score.

Action Reports

Counterparties may pay you on time in the present, but that doesn’t mean they’re without risk in the future. Use these actions reports to identify slow payers and hidden risk:

  • Receivables at Risk - Identifies high-risk receivables (e.g. dollars owed by customers with FRISK® or PAYCE® scores between "1" and "5")
  • Slow Payers - Identifies customers who are paying you slowly and shows how promptly they are paying other trade contributors
  • Hidden Slow Payers - Idenitifies customers who are paying you promptly but are paying other trade contributors slowly.
  • Hidden High Risk - Identifies customers gauged to be at high risk of bankruptcy but are currently paying you on time.